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Spotpress Newspapers provides print, distribution and related services for newspapers and newsprint catalogues. We believe in the value of print as a primary communication platform and are a passionate advocate for Australia’s independent news media.

Our clients

We provide print manufacturing services to hundreds of publishers, agencies, retailers, printers, government as well as commercial businesses, government and associations.

Our staff

Our strength and longevity can be attributed to our highly skilled workforce, many of whom have been with us since the beginning.Their experience and technical expertise is unmatched in our industry.

Our responsibility

We remain deeply focused to ensuring we’re providing high value to our clients, operating in a sustainable manner and on improving our environmental, health and safety performance.

Our values

Defining the way

we do business


We adhere to a set of values in all our interactions.
These values make up the way we do business.

Quality focused

Our services are underpinned by our rigorous quality assurance system, ensuring print remains an attractive option against competing channels.

Competitive pricing

Our efficiencies allow us to offer highly competitive prices. We are often able to slash clients’ costs, improve their product and help increase their market share and revenue.


In a competitive market, our exceptional, responsive customer service is what differentiates us. We will go out of their way to ensure we always deliver on what we promise.

Continuous improvement

We understand the challenges our client’s are facing due to digital disruption. We counter these challenges, investing in the new technologies and channels to help our customers pivot and succeed.


Customer-Driven Progression


The Beginnings

At 33, George Georgantzakos, the founder of Spotpress, moves to Australia from Switzerland with only twenty dollars. He spends the following two years working in low-wage labour positions.


Starting in Publishing

George enters the newspaper publishing arena by acquiring a Greek language weekly. He dedicates his nights to writing all the content, selling ads, printing the paper on a letterpress, and distributing it to Greek grocery stores across Sydney's inner-city suburbs.


Switching to Commercial Printing

George's publishing venture lasts only a year before his newspaper fails. Yet, he gains valuable letterpress printing skills. That same year, he opens a small printing shop in Newtown, Sydney, where he single-handedly produces items like invitation cards, business cards, letterheads, calendars, and invoice books.

The business flourishes, leading to more equipment and an expanded facility. But George dreams of a bigger operation focused on his love for newspapers.


Founding of Spotpress

In April 1981, George, backed by a mortgage on his home and funds from a few friends, buys a four-unit Goss Community newspaper press and starts Spotpress, solely dedicated to newspaper printing. Based in a small factory in Glebe, Inner Sydney, and starting with just 8 employees, the initial years are challenging. Yet, through hard work and perseverance, Spotpress gains a group of devoted clients.


Expansion Phase

Gradually, Spotpress acquires new clients. By 1986, the business exceeds the capacity of its original location, prompting a move to a bigger space in Marrickville. There, a new Goss Community press is installed to support the growing array of community and multicultural newspapers that form the core of Spotpress.


Family Reinforcements

George's sons, John and Dimitri, join Spotpress, taking charge of the accounting and IT departments. They've been familiar with the company from a young age, having worked on the factory floor since they were young.


Initial Foray into Heatset Printing

As the Spotpress team expands to 40 members, responding to client needs, the company acquires its first heatset press - an 8-page Albert A101. This marks Spotpress's initial, modest venture into the realm of commercial heatset printing.


The Next Phase

Spotpress hits its production ceiling and, with a $20 million investment in advanced equipment and a more spacious building, begins the process of relocating its operations.


Founder's Passing

In a sad turn of events, George passes away in July 2007, before witnessing the completion of the business's relocation and expansion. Nevertheless, the groundwork he laid paves the way for a new era of swift growth and client acquisition for the business.


Advancing through Investment

John and Dimitri, as co-managing directors, diligently build upon their father's legacy at Spotpress. They advance the company with new technologies and an expanded team of over 100 skilled staff, making it a top choice for independent publishers. Key additions include two Heidelberg M600 heatset presses, enhancing print quality and capacity. Spotpress also expands its services to encompass mailing, distribution, and commercial printing


Back to its core services

Spotpress sells off its commercial printing assets to concentrate solely on newspaper manufacturing services and rebrands as Spot News to highlight its news-focused commitment.


New Services

Spotpress, the premier printing ally for Australia's diverse, independent newspaper publishers, is expanding its offerings with ecommerce and digital marketing services amid industry changes.

John and Dimitri are now dedicated to closely assisting their clients, particularly smaller enterprises, in adopting innovative technologies and revenue-enhancing strategies.

Our future


our service


Adapting to digital innovation, we are evolving to provide the necessary services our clients need in the changing publishing and marketing industries.


We're reshaping our company for sustained growth by broadening services to include creative solutions, new channel media deployment, and marketing management.


We're actively seeking ways to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and boost productivity, ensuring our print services yield significant returns for our clients.


We will keep reinvesting profits in latest technologies, software, and automation to propel the printing industry forward.

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