Proof Approval Guidelines

PDF File Submission

What is a proof?

In printing terms, a ‘Proof’ is a simulation of how your document will print after all the corrections and procedures take place in our prepress workflow software. It is your last and best opportunity to make sure that your print job is produced the way you expect it to. By carefully inspecting the proofs you can help us assure an accurate delivery of your print job to your expectations.

Can I see what my order will look like before it is printed?

Yes, we create digital ‘proofs’ of your artwork before your files are printed.
Approval of the proofs at this stage is necessary for the printing process to commence.

What kind of proofing methods do you offer?

We typically use an online proof system whereby you remotely approve a proof of your job on your computer screen. We also provide proofs to our press operators so they are guided in producing your print job to your expectations.

Will my printed job match what I see on my computer monitor or a print from my desktop printer?

There are differing technologies and wide variations in calibration used by each device. As a result, there may well be some differences in colour as seen on your computer monitor, your desktop colour printer and the final printed piece produced on a four-colour offset press.

Can you assist with my speciality stock requirements?

Yes, but only for long-run work as our web printing presses can only run at high speed. Please contact your Account Executive to discuss this and to schedule a time to attend during the printing of your job.

Can I make changes to my artwork files before my job is printed?

Yes. We perform a series of preflight steps with all customer pdf files received to determine if they are in print-ready format and error free. Until you approve the soft-proofs of your job that have been processed through our prepress system you are free to make changes to your files.